Snapchat custom profile pic?

Hi everyone, sorry if this is the wrong session but I wouldn't know where to post this. Is there a way to usea custom picture from gallery as Snapchat[...]

A student in my country used Adrian’s porn reupload method…

Then he gets 3 year jail sentence……tu-vi-dang-phim-anh-khieu-dam-post701364.html ^( [...]

They call me Gambino

Hello all, Glad to be apart of y'all's group. I've recently decided to make the switch from black market money to black hat money. It's[...]

What country do you all live in?

I was wondering what country most people on here live at? I live in the states. [...]

Dexter fans

Any Dexter fans here? Post your favourite season/episode/quotes/characters below! Looking forward to hearing the replies 😀 [...]

Aliens not as smart as we think?

A lot of movies, tv shows, and many scientists such as Stephen Hawking portray Aliens as this powerful all knowing being with the best technology created.[...]


Decided to create a small giveaway. No requirements! You can choose from one of these: 1000 Youtube Views 50 Youtube Likes 1000 Twitter Followers 500 Twitter[...]

Quantum Break (Xbox One)

Selling this digital code for $15 btc lmk dudes [...]

Simple and Very Basic SPREADING Guide

I just made another simple guide for *spreading* Giving this simple guide to all upgraded members [...]


so basically this is what happened. i have my own darkrp server. on garry’s mod. i had a staff manager i demoted him. he raged and stole some of[...]