Add class to before_widget from within a custom widget

Written by  on October 25, 2016 

I have a simple custom widget that asks for its width (that is used later in the front end). The width field is a select dropdown, so a user have predefined options.

I will have many instances of my widget, each will have its own width setup.

Now, in my widget code I have the following code:

echo $before_widget;

which results in:

<div class="widget my" id="my-widget-1"></div>

What I’d like to do is somehow hook into $before_widget and add my own class (the specified width from the select dropdown). So, I want the following markup:

<div class="widget my col480" id="my-widget-3"></div>

And if there is no class specified then I want to add class="col480".

How do I achieve this?

Thanks for help!

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