Need a small DOX have INFO

this retarded bitch was talking a lot of smack, she was being boosted and was paying for boosts for her and a bunch of friends. Bitch’s apparently[...]

Best Link Building tool of 2017 ?

What are best link building tool for 2017 ? 1. GSA 2. Xrumar 3. Senuke TNG or any other ? [...]

vintage gaming

SOooo anyone still have vintage hardware and win98 systems for some old dos games, i know i do and was just wondering if i was the only one 😉 [...]

What would you be more embarrassed riding? Segway or hoverboard

As useful as I think they can be, I think I'd be too embarrassed to actually be seen on one of them. [...]

What should i do with scrapebox these days?

Hey I accidentally opened up my old email account and found my scrapebox license.. Long time since 3-4 years ago… This is a tool that i used years[...]

Day One: Trump will go after illegals.

l truly believe that Trump will go after illegal aliens who are living in America. He could do this by hiring uniformed police. Their goal would be to[...]

Is this 53 degrees @idle Normal for NVMe SSD?

I have a Dell Optiplex 7040 Mini tower, with a 512GB NVMe SSD. The image below shows 53 degrees at idle. ^( Is[...]


Decided to make a thread with all my shit so I don’t have to keep bumping all my threads. Instagram Spoiler (Click to View) @An*rchy C/O: BIN:[...]

[H] $75 PP [W] $65 BTC

I’ll do $75 PP for this. PM me pls 🙂 Will go first if trusted. [...]

REing Checksum Function (Already found it)

I am attempting to modify a file which is protected against modification by a checksum. The first 4 bytes of the file hold the checksum of the data following[...]