Simple sildeshow/image-upload plugin?

Written by  on September 5, 2016 

What i need is either an easy-to-use slideshow with features like uploading and rezising images to fit, and displaying the slideshow in the template. (i want to be able to add it manually in the template)

I’ve been looking for one, but not many of them allows the user to upload images. Or the plugin itself is too complicated and has a ton of useless controls for the slideshow which can’t be turned off.

So, if anyone knows a good simple slideshow, let me know.

Actually, it would be OK with an upload-plugin of some sort. Just a simple plugin that allows the user to upload and resize photos and save them in a folder. I can code the slideshow myself if needed. That would actually be the best way, but i can’t seem to find that either.

Let me know if you know what i’m looking for.

Thanks in advance.

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