A plugin where users can comment with Facebook or Twitter or OpenID [closed]

Is there any plugin where users can comment with Facebook or Twitter or OpenID… [...]

Top 3 posts in last week ordered by Facebook and Twitter share counts

I am interested in displaying the top 3 stories in the past week based on the total number of shares on Facebook and Twitter. I have found that these share[...]

Facebook like jacker

I am looking for facebook like jacker, anyone has a well working version? [...]

I would like to start a group up.

Hi, I hope you are having a nice day, anyways I am looking for people to create a Facebook group with, if we combine we can reach very high standards,[...]

HTC Sense APP died awhile ago. Any alternatives?

Looks like HTC Sense app died awhile ago. What do you guys use as an alternative or similar app with same features? [...]

Safe amount of page likes?

Hi, I’m currently using the likejacker from shezboy. Just wondering since I couldn’t really find an answer, for a brand new account how many[...]

Bulk Invite people to like page. from post likes?

is there any way to get this automated? [...]

[Ask/Request] Invite Friends to Facebook Group

[Ask/Request] Invite Friends to Facebook Group I try all extensions from chrome.. I try code from youtube video.. but, its not work.. i dont know why.. i[...]

can you please give any idea for this

ninjiablaster can assign proxy to specific acc? ninjiablaster can use sock5 proxy? ninjiablaster can post to multigroup from multi account in one click(schedule)?[...]

Mobile verification.

Hello guys! Is there any chance to get back this account if my sim card has expired? verification.jpg ^(http://www.netaksharee.com/goto/http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/attachment.php?attachmentid=80111&d=1463397471) Attached[...]