scrapebox tumblr PA

I found like 50 available tumblrs and then decided to see if any of those are worth something. I got same PA, DA for all domains.. why?! http://s32.postimg.org/yvnzvsjo5/tumblrs.png[...]

tumblr scraping went bad

so basicly I harvested kws then scraped tumblr urls and then gone through them with vanity checker or whatever is name of scrapebox plugin. results 352[...]

what you do with expired tumblrs?

so let say you got scrape and find some good expired tumblr blogs. what you do extactly with them? you just register that domain and put your own content[...]

Anyone got banned this week?

Good evening, BHW! These days, I got banned on ~40 blogs. Anyone got mass banned, or is it something that I did wrong and they tracked me? If you got banned,[...]

Tumblr accounts monetization

Hello guys, i need some advices. I have 100k real followers in fashion niche and 45k in food. I was trying to get some earning from fashion (clothing[...]

Death of Tumblr, Weebly, Wikidot and other Web 2.0?

MOZ latest DA/PA is now released and I’m still shocked seeing my high page authority blogs now having a DA/PA of 1. Let me know guys if you can also[...]

Buy accounts or make them?

I bought 10 emails and manually created 10 accounts a week ago. I plan on having over 100 accounts, but making them manually takes time. So, I’m[...]

Supplier for Tumblr Followers, Reblogs, Post likes

– We are in need of supplier for Tumblr Followers Tumblr Reblogs Tumblr Post likes – No requirements needed. – Post your SkypeID &[...]

A bot to scrape tumblr followers?

Hello, I have Follow Liker tumblr, but it can’t scrape people who liked/reblogged a specific blog post, or the followers of a blog. I would like[...]

How To Monetize 26k Followers In Female Motivation Niche

I’ve been building a tumblr account for a while now. No fancy bots just using tumblripper to download pics and picloadr to upload them automatically. I[...]