How to deal with copyright ?

Hi guys, I would like to post an edit of Leicester Team but my video is blocked by the copyright of "FA PREMIER LEAGUE" But I added black bar[...]

Youtube The Real Strategy – Extreme Success – Past The Basics – Experts Please Contribute

In the Toy Review Youtube space some channels know how to grow to literally billions of views and millions of subscribers in a year. What’s the[...]

How do I properly Monetize my dancing videos? I see it done all the time.

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[ METHOD] Easiest Way to Get 50000 Views / HOUR on Your Youtube Video [ L E G I T ]

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Free REAL YouTube Subscribers

Hi. I wanted to contribute with something. This service will be paid as soon as I have the required messages, so try it now! I’m giving away 100[...]

Paying $$ for a Listicle YouTube Channel

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Buying Youtube channel with 100+ subs

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A competitor constantly filing copyright against me

i only do my own videos. all my videos are original and my content. however, this one channel continuously flags my videos across 3 different channels.[...]

YouTube Channel to be taken

Hello – Watched over daily 10k – having at least 1K subscriber – MCNs are not connected to – We can get all kinds of channels PayPal[...]

free youtube views exchange sites in 2016 – lets build a list

let´s build a list of free youtube views exchange sites in 2016. could be useful for some of us. i use ytmonster and vagex. both of them work. [...]