Use Gravity Forms and a Shopping Cart for output to Freshbooks for an Estimate

Written by  on December 4, 2016 

I’ve been asked to develop a website pretty much like (but not the same as): ^(

basically we need to allow people to add WordPress posts (custom post types) into a sort of shopping cart (people won’t make any payment); the website won’t have any checkout, but the resulting list of items (posts), each one carrying one cost and other details in meta fields and gravity form ( options, should be sent to Freshbooks ( to generate an estimate (or be used for other purposes as well, ie. sent as email, or other services, within our outside WordPress)

What would you use to combine Gravity Forms with?
I don’t think I can do the job myself unless there’s a solution ready (which I doubt), I’d rather hire a developer for my project. Nevertheless, I would like to hear some opinion on what would be the best route to go.

To recap

  • we have a website with custom post types
  • each custom post type has certain custom fields with prices and details
  • users, through gravity forms, should be able to specify further details like dates (ie checkin/checkout) and options (price changes)
  • by clicking “add to list” the item is sent to the shopping cart
  • when the user has finished, he should be able to review and eventually edit the resulting list
  • then send the quotation request, which will be deliered to Freshbooks as an Estimate, including Client contact creation within Freshbooks (using Freshbooks API)
  • eventully the same data of the final “cart” form could be used also for other puroposes

thanks for any opinion you will share with me