What's the easiest way to close comments on media/attachments?

Written by  on October 11, 2016 

I consistently get spam attempts on various and sundry media attachments on my primary WP blog. By default, media has open comments (for instance, http://literalbarrage.org/blog/archives/2009/03/18/daddywill-date-march-2009/dsc08760/ ^(http://www.netaksharee.com/goto/http://literalbarrage.org/blog/archives/2009/03/18/daddywill-date-march-2009/dsc08760/)), yet there is no native way to disable comments on media files. (e.g. https://skitch.com/zamoose/rhktp/attachmentedit ^(http://www.netaksharee.com/goto/https://skitch.com/zamoose/rhktp/attachmentedit))
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So, two questions:

  1. How do I disable all comments for future uploads by default?
  2. How do I retroactively disable comments on all previous uploads?

This will help a ton in reducing my incoming spam…

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